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  1. I have yet to do that myself. An idea would be to have one scene for the outside world, and another for the inside world. When entering the tile for a transition to the inside of a building, launch that scene so that it may load the new map. Of course it is more complicated than this, but its a start. I recommend going over the tile map in the API if you haven't.
  2. In the config for the game set pixelArt´╗┐: true,´╗┐ Solved the problem for me Example of it enabled here.
  3. Change updateStart in both create and update to. this.updateStart You can also remove updateStart from the update argument. Doing this.variable will declare a variable that can be used in any of the functions for that scene.
  4. Try heart1.setTexture(key [, frame]) I got that from the API here I am new to phaser myself, I find the API very helpful.