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  1. Here is the full question https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66646134/checking-if-members-are-initiated-yet-in-constructor I have a class that extends `PIXI.Text` which overrides the default `this.text` with something like so: ``` set text(newText: string) { super.text = newText this.updateToolTipText(newText) } ``` The problem is that: 1. `set text` gets called during the construction of the class 2. and `this.udpateToolTipText()` uses `this.width` to adjust the container size BUT when called during the construction of the
  2. Damn seems like a lot of work, thanks for the info though.
  3. What I want is a way to develop my game like Notch does in this video: or what playcanvas offers What is a way for me to do this?
  4. Colonist.io is a web game alternative to the top selling board game Settlers of Catan. Every part of the game is made by pixi except Lobby & Chat.
  5. Any other reason? Also what are the major differences between phaser renderer & pixi renderer?
  6. @Milton when I use webGL on my computer it works at 50+ FPS, when I do `forceCanvas: true` it works at 8FPS why is it so slow? Everything starts lagging on canvas while using pixi.js-legacy
  7. Result: 1. I've removed the masks changing the code below from import * as PIXI from 'pixi.js-legacy' export class RoundedBgView extends PIXI.Container { private readonly sprite: PIXI.Sprite private readonly roundMask: PIXI.Graphics constructor(w: number, h: number, container: PIXI.Container, texture: PIXI.Texture) { super() container.addChildAt(this, 0) this.sprite = new PIXI.Sprite() this.sprite.width = w this.sprite.height = h this.sprite.texture = texture this.addChild(this.sprite) const round = 5
  8. I'm using pixi.js-legacy and when I do forceCanvas: true everything slows down. I know the game is simple and shouldn't need webGL but pixi is built for that I guess
  9. I'm using pixi v5, not sure why but everything works very slow when I just use canvas..
  10. Its v5 1. Why remove all cacheAsBitmap? 2. Spector.js looks cool but I can't make sense of whats going on, my understanding of all those calls and stuff aren't enough. Any resource you can recommend that'll increase my understanding of how things work and how I can debug to find where to optimize?
  11. I'm putting all the tiles & ports to the same container then using `cacheAsBitmap = true` on the container but the resolution goes south why is that? How can I fix it? Before resolution: https://prnt.sc/qppdw4 After resolution: https://prnt.sc/qppdzh
  12. Also I'm using PIXI.Text for most texts. Each time I use it, it creates a different canvas. Is this a good practice? When the views are removed are the canvas removed as well or are they still kept in the memory? If they are kept in the memory how can I remove the canvases from the memory? https://prnt.sc/qponiq
  13. When my game is played (colonist.io) it heats up the computer. Does it draw everything on the page every tick? For example I have a lot of tiles https://prnt.sc/qpc4l6 after drawing them all once would it increase the performance if I made them cacheAsABitmap? Could this be the reason why it is using a lot of resources or is it something small? There are around 110 sprites on the map (tile, dice, port etc.) and these do not change throughout the game. Are these using a lot of resources just staying the way they are. If I cache them as bitmap would the game use less resources?
  14. Hello, I'm creator of colonist.io The game is heating up the computer in macs and lagging. I've looked everywhere (at the best of my skills) and couldn't find the bottlenecks which causing this. Here is some of our players complaining to give you a better idea about the problem: https://colonist.featureupvote.com/suggestions/55589/cpugpu-usage-optimisation Once you play for 3 minutes you'll hear your mac fan. If you're using windows you should see the animation lagging. This is our testing server: https://hexs.io/ you can see the code in non minimized version. I've done a
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