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  1. Hello Community i make this post to talk about Gamedistribution and warning all developers about this site. take care when you start making money with them because they pay the first times and then just evade the payments even when im uploading 4 new games every month. I contact them but they just say we will pay you but never pay. I upload more than 50 games From 2017 to today and they pay me until MAY 2018. If you have similar issues please comment this post so we can help developers to dont give our hard work to this guys. Cheers
  2. Im using gamedistribution but i will delete all my games, they pay me the first times but from may they dont pay me again i talk with them and say that they are delayed but never pay me again. I upload more than 50 games in all this months. Be carrefull with this guys. Cheers
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