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  1. It works great on Chrome, but 2 fps on Firefox .
  2. Hey guys, I have just updated our website! Feel free to leave some feedback :-) Thank you Hugeen
  3. I'd like to see more details for each engine, like tutorials, examples and / or screencasts. I can help you for that.
  4. I worked for several months on a multiplayer game (A bit like Awesomenauts) with impact. I must say that I have not had much to improve performance. Impact can handle hundred of entities on a large surface. For other engines, I made ​​small games that do not require a lot of resources. So I can not say. But if I had to compare these three, I would say:- Impact has the best structure and many usefull tools - CreateJS is the most flexible - Crafty is the most developer friendly
  5. RAF is stopped when you switch tab but using the setTimeout is not a good solution either. Because as mentioned in this link: You should pause your game to fix this issue :-(
  6. Basketball don't lie is too hard for me. I Love Viral Asteroids, really good concept and cool pixels ;-).
  7. Hi, I write blog articles about creating html5 games. In those articles I explained how to create a game step by step. My English skills are pretty bad so I can not translate articles myself. If you can speak French, feel free to translate and / or uses those articles as you wish. Create a Snake like with Crafty : Create a Platformer with ImpactJS : Create a Match3 with CreateJS : Thanks, Cyrille :-)
  8. It's weird, it works for me. Perhaps there is a dns issue ! Check these links : MugeenGames - Em All - -
  9. Hello, I will present two games made by Mugeen Games ( Mugeen Games consists of me ( (development) and my wife ( (with graphics), we design games for fun. Our first game is a Snake-Life named Snake Em All ( Our second game is a short platformer named Dreamless ( We are currently making a new game a little more consistent. Feel free to leave feedback on gameplay and art :-) Thank you, Cyrille