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  1. Thanks @samme, I tried that but no luck. I've opened an issue with Phaser on github I might take a look at the code myself if I get some time. Edit: I have opened a PR with the fix
  2. Ok, so now I'm starting to think it is working, and it's actually the debug render that is wrong. Refresh still not needed though. Images below show what I believe to be a bug. !! NOTE: The white circle is the sprites helmet, it is not a debug shape or anything to do with the coin. I now realise how confusing this picture might be. left: setCircle() - we can see the debug squares overlapping and yet the coin (yellow) is still there right: setSize() - squares are barely touching and coin has already been collected.
  3. Hi samme, thanks for your reply! Unfortunately that's not solved it for me. I tried coinGroup.refresh() and I also tried calling refreshBody() on each Individual object. The bodies are still square (see below). I'm not sure refresh is the issue as setCircle does have a effect, it is just not the desired effect: Before setCircle: after setCircle (and after any combination of refresh functions)
  4. I have a staticGroup of floating coins from a tilemap and I wanted to make the collision area circular and the correct size however: I tried calling `setCircle` on each object in the group but it has no effect. If I change the staticGroup to a group, I can see the circle form when using debug mode. However this then subjects the group to gravity and my objects fall out of the game Here's the relevant code: function create() { var coinTiles = map.addTilesetImage('coin'); coinLayer = map.createDynamicLayer('Coins', coinTiles, 0, 0); // I tried changing this to; coinGroup = this.physics.add.staticGroup(); // Loop over each Tile and replace sprite coinLayer.forEachTile(tile => { if (tile.index === 17) { const x = tile.getCenterX(); const y = tile.getCenterY(); const coin = coinGroup.create(x, y, "coin"); // This line seems to have no effect on static objects. coin.body.setCircle(10, 10 , 10); coinLayer.removeTileAt(tile.x, tile.y); } }); // etc... } staticGroup: Group: (ignore circle offset being completely off)
  5. I seem to have the same issue. I can see the properties in the json but they are not read by phaser.