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  1. Thanks @Wingnut! So I have just attempted to convert all to Cannon.JS... However the lack of slider joints has me stumped... May you please take look at this playground and help me? I've modified the masses a little, changed the physics engine to Cannon and attempted to substitute the slider joints... But I must be doing it wrong since my joints go crazy and my steering is completely broken... 😐 Thanks!
  2. This question may be a little daft... But what breaking changes were made from BabylonJS 2.4 to 2.5 regarding physics? does not seem to mention it. This is because from back in 2016 used BabylonJS 2.4 (from 2016), but now the playground no longer works. I have downloaded and playground and swapped the BabylonJS version to 2.4 (and the corresponding Oimo.js version) on my computer and it works then. Upping the version to 2.5 breaks it. May I know what changes may have caused these (and maybe how to modify the code to work with the new versions of BabylonJS)? Thank you!