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  1. Hi. ) Create small view by trigonometric changed values. On PIXIJS. View: http://js.otrisovano.ru/2D/loop/ Source: https://github.com/fire888/parametric
  2. The game is written for educational purposes - for beginners, 2 article descriptions - and there is no link to the source to see how everything is implemented with Effector..
  3. I agree with you, I will do it somehow. ) This is a demo where everything is minimazed. I wanted to make an application to open on the phone. How to take a step left and right for the phone ui did not decide. But when I inserted the animation, the phone barely pulls. This application can only be used in desctop mode, So it’s worth turning the left and right with the mouse, and move left/right keys.
  4. I can only share my experience. It helped me. Give it a try.
  5. ) Create new Animated sprite - very hard operation. )) You have 100 units, and anyone has animations run, shoot, stay. You must create 300 animated sprites, and use addChild or removeChild. Maybe I'm wrong. it helped me
  6. My mind - not destroy sprites and containers, save it in object by type (cache) and use again.
  7. Link to play: http://js.otrisovano.ru/factory Source: https://github.com/fire888/laboratory In this app I use new for me conception Entity-Component-System. Entities: monster, door, player. Components: collisions. motions., Systems - arrays doors, monsters, dialogs, subscribed by events and change properties of entities. It was very interesting to make a trip up the stairs. For this I do two meshes for collisions. One with gorizontal surfaces, and another with vertical for optimization. Vertical surfaceses for player and monsters, gorizontal only for player.
  8. This is some kind of magic. I use PIXI in some projects in other THREEJS. It never crossed my mind. )) I will google it. Thanks!!!
  9. What does THREEJS do here and how are they mixed?
  10. When you kill 5 zombies corpses becomes 15 πŸŽƒ
  11. I can do - write keys and collision. )) But now in a week I look - boring application. Nothing will help...✝️ Write new with armagedonn and monsters ))
  12. Creepy background... Characters, animation are exelent !!! Nice work!
  13. I think when you make games, you need to make a prize to the winner and death to the loser. It is not enough for the rabbit to sink or die from hunger. will be more interesting πŸŽƒ Gentle, beautiful game!
  14. I agree with all users, because I think that the user is always right πŸ˜€ But I tested different camera options: http://js.otrisovano.ru/tests/180819Rosa/01 ( 50 FOV ) http://js.otrisovano.ru/tests/180819Rosa/02 ( 80 FOV ) http://js.otrisovano.ru/tests/180819Rosa/03 ( 90 FOV ) http://js.otrisovano.ru/tests/180819Rosa/04 ( 100 FOV ) - current version When I begin make this app, I add mouse controls to view And it working good with small camera deg, but not work on phones and laptops. http://js.otrisovano.ru/tests/180819Rosa/05/ 3 You can try to go in rooms )). If use controls b
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