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  1. Ok, cool. Tried to use Howler and it does indeed support this Silent switch without any extra work from my side.
  2. I'm using this
  3. I have exactly the same issue as @PuzzleGuy, however my game is made with PIXIJS. I have FBInstant.onPause implemented and it's totally for a different case, when your game goes to background and it has nothing to do with the physical switch. Answering to your question, yes, it's 100% reproducible, the game plays music in the Silent mode. @PuzzleGuy Hey, could you tell me if by this time you've found a solution for this problem?
  4. Hey, guys! Did anybody experience this problem with shareAsync? Basically, it seems like shareAsync promise resolves too early and it also depends on a platform. Here is how it looks like in my code: case SHARE_ASYNC: if (p_param) { FBInstant .shareAsync( p_param ) .then( function() { console.log( "*** FBInstant.shareAsync() ok" ); if (p_callback) p_callback( null ); }) .catch(function( p_err ) { console.log( "*** FBInstant.shareAsync() failed: " ); console.log( p_err ); if (p_callback) p_callback( p_err ); }) } else { console.log( "***UPDATE_ASYNC: invalid parameter" ); } break; So, on: 1 On mobile I get *** FBInstant.shareAsync() ok whenever I tap on empty part of the screen in order to close native sharing dialog. 2 On PC I get *** FBInstant.shareAsync() ok whenever I click on Share button while native Fb dialog is being opened. Along with that, Fb throws some POST exceptions (screenshot is attached) I feel like instead, regardless of two cases, I should get *** FBInstant.shareAsync() ok whenever a user clicks Share button (in native window) and *** FBInstant.shareAsync() failed whenever he closes the native dialog. And, of course, no exceptions Any feedback is appreciated!
  5. Hello! Thanks for answering me. Could you give me a clue how you simulated touch events differently?
  6. Hello, wonderful community! Seeking for advice from experienced developers. I'm making an HTML5 game with Pixi for Facebook IG platform. And initially I've encountered a problem with handling touch events. I'm subscribed to touch events like this: document.addEventListener('touchstart', onDocumentTouchStart, {passive:false}); document.addEventListener('touchend', onDocumentTouchEnd, {passive:false}); So whenever I tap on the screen with one finger, the circle should rotate in one of 2 directions. But, sometimes touchStart isn't invoked and the circle stops when instead it has to rotate continuously. The bug isn't reproduced in 100% cases and most probably it occurs when I'm playing the game in Fb IG environment. This is clearly seen on the video attached. I have no clue why this is happening, so any advice is highly appreciated 🙏 P.S. I have this line added to index.html, so my guess is that 300 ms delay isn't the case here, but, I might be wrong. <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, user-scalable=yes">