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  1. Hi Wingnut - really appreciate the education on imposters. I tweaked my playground a bit more - it's close to the functionality I need use dragPlane - as you can see, the sphere stays within the ground plane when dragged. Unfortunately what it doesn't do is go up the ramp when dragged onto that plane - any thoughts on that? I played with a number of different constraints and none produced the right result. Is it possible to create a single mesh and with a flat and a ramp and have the sphere follow that?
  2. HI - sure appreciate a hand in figuring out how to constrain an object's movement during mouse drag. I'm trying to get the sphere to follow the contour of planes as I drag it across the flat and up the ramp (and vice-versa) - see photos below... Currently it doesn't work in this playground - the sphere drags right through the ramp. Here's the code in the playground - If better to create a single mesh rather than two intersecting meshes, please let me know. Many thanks 🙂