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  1. Sound Design and Music for a runner game in interesting setting (Wild West Steampunk! 😮) : (Work In Progress)
  2. Sound effects for funny game called 1000 Days To Escape: YOUTUBE Check the Project out on Twitter
  3. SFX for the wonderful MMO game called "Arcane Waters". You can try Beta now on their website: YOUTUBE
  4. The cutest game promo animation I made sound effects for! ☺️ For now... 😉 YOUTUBE
  5. Sound-design for one of recent projects, great game "The Tarnishing of Juxtia" from great guys! (their Twitter) Original Soundtrack by Mario Parmesan. YOUTUBE
  6. My sound-design and music for the level of great action game for Android. Coming soon! YOUTUBE
  7. One of my current sound-design & music projects and absolutely one of my favorites ! 😀 Coming soon! P.S.: don’t forget to check the Game’s Steam page YOUTUBE
  8. Let me show you something totally different now. Here’s my sound-design for the animated promo of “Hidden Hotel”: YOUTUBE
  9. Greetings, stranger! 😄 My name’s Max, I am a sound-designer and a music composer. I’ve worked on a lot of different projects: games, cartoons, advertisement, worked with Voice actors (and time to time I do voiceovers by myself). Multi-instrumentalist: I play guitar (electric and acoustic), bass, drums and keys, which fact makes me a lot better in Music Composition. And all my music production skills and knowledge makes me doing better things in Sound Design. Isn’t it great? 😉 I am always ready for some freelance projects and now I can participate into your Project for $8 per one sound effect! So, let’s start with my favourite recent project I made sound effects for: