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  1. Just wanted to follow up saying that the solution is to load in a completely new texture rather than change the frame. function sendUnit2(fac_button) { fac_button.loadTexture('cover');, function(){fac_button.loadTexture('place_buttons', 1)}, fac_button); }
  2. In my game, I want to show on the UI when a power up is unavailable due to a cooldown. I figured the easiest way to do this is to change the button of the power up for the duration of the cooldown. Now I have this working but only for one of the buttons. It seems that the timed event is conflicting with other functions. function sendUnit1(stu_button) { stu_button.frame = 3;, function(){stu_button.frame = 0}, stu_button); } function sendUnit2(fac_button) { fac_button.frame = 3;, function(){fac_button.frame = 1}, fac_button); } This is the code I have without unrelated things surrounding. How can I make the frame update for each button? EDIT: So it turns out that without even worrying about the time event, the button frame won't change in the second function but does for the first function. Why is that?