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    That's pretty fun to play. I got swarmed by coyotes, an eagle, and a snake all at once on level 3. I'm all out of sheep, but it was fun!
  2. Thank you both for the feedback! It's very appreciated. I've updated the game with your suggestions. @aaryte, those are some excellent suggestions! I can't believe I didn't think to add acceleration to the turn speed. The acceleration can be changed in the options menu now. A virtual joystick would still be better, but for a quick fix I think it's helping. I also made the player and summons a little shorter and slightly transparent to help fighting in melee range. The Warlock's primary attack has a very limited range (3 blocks) to keep the player in the battle. Definitely needs some tinkering. @MerryArcade, fully agree. I did plan on adding some flora/fauna to help spruce up the maps as they're a little drab, but haven't gotten around to it just yet. Art has not been my greatest strength in this project, but I think you're right: adding some bits here and there would make a significant improvement. My current game plan is to bang out the last 2 dungeons and get to work on polishing the game. I was thinking about adding things like a map and quest markers as well as graphics and sound improvements. Should keep me busy for a while. Thanks again for the feedback. Now that the holidays are over, it's time to get back to coding. Bob
  3. Hello! I've been working on my pseudo-3D ray-casting engine and I think it's time for some feedback. This is a 3rd person dungeon crawler game. You play as a Warlock on a quest to save your princess Evil Lord from those no-good humans. You must defeat 5 dungeon bosses to win the game. Each defeated boss grants you an additional minion to summon in battle (5 total). Each summoned minion costs health. The Warlock slowly regenerates health over time, but player/minion damage to enemies heals the Warlock. The dungeons are spread across a hub map, The Forest. The game is made entirely from vanilla JavaScript (no libraries or frameworks or engines), HTML5, and CSS3. Game Link: Click Here To Play I've currently only completed 3 of the 5 dungeons. In ascending order of difficulty: Goblins, Elves, Nature. Not sure what Dungeon 4 enemies will be, but Dungeon 5 will be the humans who defeated your Evil Lord and defeating this dungeon will win the game. Each dungeon has 2 unique standard enemies and 1 unique boss. The Big Things To-Do List: Dungeon 4 & boss Dungeon 5 & boss Music Balancing I would like feedback in these specific areas, but all feedback is welcome: Performance Mobile/Touch Controls Game Difficulty Is it fun to play? Programmer art aside, is it visually appealing/interesting? Thank you for your time and I look forward to your feedback. Thanks! Bob
  4. Thanks for the feedback, jalex! I wonder if it's the camera that's causing the player to disappear? I tried to have the camera collide with the walls and "zoom" in close to the player, but I think if it happens quickly it can be disorienting. I'll play around with that. I might just need to forget about camera collision and just not draw any wall between the camera and player. Something to tinker with. I keep going back and forth on multiplayer. I too prefer single player games. I wanted to make it multiplayer for my 4 year old- he's been asking every day if the game is ready to play yet. I might just need to break his tiny little heart and tell him to pretend the other party member is me. Thanks again for the feedback- that was great information!
  5. Howdy, I've recently completed the prototype phase of a little project I'm working and wanted to reach out here for some feedback. The game is more of a demo at this point. I have a few ideas on where I want to take this game (RPG/leveling mechanics, more content, etc.) and I'd really like to change from single player to multiplayer. I've toyed around with a previous multiplayer project before. It's a lot of work, but honestly I think multiplayer would just be more fun for this type of game. Anyway, have a go and let me know if you think I'm on the right track or not. About the code The game uses only vanilla JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. It's all my code- no frameworks. I found a couple of helpful tutorials on how to do the projection and I've spent quite a bit of time learning how to build my own implementation. It is a really fun project to work on and I'm excited to actually turn it into a playable game... eventually. Your feedback in these areas would be most helpful: Is the gameplay fun? Can your device run the game well enough to play? There are resolution settings in the menu that may help. Is the third person camera confusing or a strain on the eyes? Would you like to play the game again, assuming it was built into a complete game? (more abilities, proper UI, leveling, more mobs and maps, etc.) Would you rather play if the game was multiplayer? Caveats I'm not an artist- this is just placeholder art for demo purposes. Sadly, it's the best art for a game I've ever made. I'll stick to coding. The UI is pretty terrible, especially the touch controls. Honestly, it's just enough so the game is playable. Major redesigns are needed going forward. There's no sound. I've been lazy on that side of things, but I'll get to it eventually. The shop currently doesn't function because it doesn't exist. Each party member only has 1 attack at the moment. The game should run on mobile without issue, but I've only tested on my junky old Android phone with Chrome. I really have no idea what state it is in outside of that. There is exactly 0 direction in-game and will be absolutely confusing to a first time player. My bad. Instructions Controls are listed on the "start screen". WASD to move and J to attack. Click/touch the Start Game button to begin the game in the Hub. Press Escape to bring up the in-game menu which allows for changing the graphics settings. Walk up to the Quest "NPC". Once in range, a Quest button will appear on your UI. Click/touch the Quest button. A randomly selected dungeon quest will be presented. You may decline or accept. Upon accepting the quest, a Portal will appear on the map. Move to the portal. Once in range, a Portal button will appear on your UI. Click/touch the Portal button to be transported to the dungeon. Move through the dungeon and defeat enemies. Using 1 & 2 or clicking/tapping on the party member plaques will change your selected party member. Once all enemies have been defeated, a Portal will appear and allow you to return to the Hub. There are 3 total dungeons. I would suggest to avoid The Arena. It's way too hard, but was a great way to test the game over functionality! Please click here to access the game. And thank you!