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  1. Hi there I downloaded Blender 2.8 with the new GLTF exporter. Now i'm stuck and my babylon.js script won't open the 3d model anymore. If i drop the model in the three.js viewer it looks fine, an old model made with blender 2.79 works fine also in babylon.js but the new GLTF (separate) does not. Here's the console of the chrome browser: Thank you
  2. Found out: 0 - LMB, 1 - MMB, 2 - RMB. so: no options for touch panning...
  3. attachControl(element: HTMLElement, noPreventDefault?: boolean, useCtrlForPanning?: boolean, panningMouseButton?: number): void Overrides Camera.attachControl Attached controls to the current camera. Parameters element: HTMLElement Defines the element the controls should be listened from Optional noPreventDefault: boolean Defines whether event caught by the controls should call preventdefault() (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs
  4. that's a great tipp, thank you!! Now i can rotate it with three fingers. But what i was looking for is a way to pan - on the arc rotating camera this would mean to move the target, right? Sorry if my english was not clear enough.. With this playground i am able to pan with two fingers on my mobile phone (iphone): https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#C2ZGCJ#1 Sadly it is not working on the trackpad (touchpad) of my computer.. Maybe i should try to make a custom input to the target of the arc rotating camera - i hope to find time to do that next week.
  5. Hi Kcoley The zooming works with two fingers up & down + pinch. But no panning with touch
  6. Dear Forum I'm still struggling with touch control over the ArcRotatingCamera. Pinch Zoom: Works on the iphone, as well as on the Trackpad (touchpad) of my computer, but: It is very slow on the Trackpad . If i change the "camera.pinchDeltaPercentage" value, the pinch speed changes on the iphone, but not on the computer. Touch panning: Is not working on the iphone, not on the trackpad of my computer I'm sorry if i miss the obvious, but I'm getting a little desperate. Does somebody knows a playground example where panning with two fingers is working?
  7. Hi There I try to manipulate the pinch-zoom and panning gesture of the arc rotating camera, but the two arguments from the doc don't seem to change the behavier. Do you have any idea what could be wrong? The problem is: The cameras pinch function is too slow...
  8. With a normal mouse it's working, but just not with the Trackpad. Sadly so far i didn't see any Playground working with my Trackpad. What's the correct contructor?
  9. Dear Forum I am working on an Apple / Mac computer and i can't get the apple trackpad on my Laptop to work with babylonjs (with pep.js) arc rotaing camera (or any other camera in that sense). Is there a documentation or examples on how to get input of apples trackpad? Thanks!
  10. Thanks Deltakosh! I put it just before the sceneLoader & it worked fine
  11. Hi there I'm a newby in babylonjs and i'm trying to build a content viewer for 3d models adjusted to my needs. Now: Is there a method to disable backface culling for all meshes of a scene? I have tried it with scene.meshes, but i does not work: BABYLON.SceneLoader.loggingLevel = BABYLON.SceneLoader.DETAILED_LOGGING; BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append("../../", "...", scene, function (scene) { scene.meshes.backFaceCulling = false; for(var i=0; i<scene.meshes.length; i++) scene.meshes.checkCollisions=true; ... Help is muc
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