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  1. I just finished my game done completely in html, css and js, while using the game engine phaser 3. You can test out the game on the Google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.edouardmurat.left4dead2d videoplayback.mp4
  2. Yes, that is what happens when you are severely injured, gotta watch for healthkits at that point 😉
  3. Edouard

    Memory Leak

    I did. I did not come here without trying to find the memory leak on my own for at least 8 hours, trust me.
  4. Edouard

    Memory Leak

    Hi, In my game "Left 4 Dead" I have a memory leak, yet I cannot find it. I am not used to finding memory leaks, but I've really tried my best and I'm starting to give up ever finding it. I've been at it for a couple of days now I am using Phaser 3, and I think that my memory leak is related to Zombies that I generate quite a lot during waves of enemies. Here is the game if you wanna take the time to help me out: https://strayeddy.github.io/
  5. The game now uses a procedural map. Each gameplay is different
  6. Lots of bugs fixed, try it now..it's getting more fun 😊
  7. Thanks for your feedback, it's very helpful. This game is really still in progress, to the extent that dying behaviors for allies and player are not coded. But it should come shortly
  8. I fixed some issues, put a new first map up. Game loading the first time can take up to 30 sec, while showing black screen only.
  9. Hi, this is an HTML5 game I am currently working on, using Phaser 3. It's a remake of the "Left 4 Dead" game by Valve. You are a survivor in a team of 4 and your goal is to get to safety while shooting infected zombies along the way. This game is highly cooperative, requiring you to help other teammates. Controls: Enter to start Space to shoot Control to interact Escape to go back to menu You can play it HERE Give me some feedback please 😊 For bug reports please go on the github page here (some bugs force you to restart the gam
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