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  1. Hello Lukasarts, Thanks for reviewing my reply to your post! Currently we are working with a Casino Game with 5 Game-play. Within this game there will be 5 games : *Slot game, *RockPaperScissor, *BlackJack, *Head And Tails and *Roulette (APP NAME: "Casino App"). Hence we can be your one of the best fit to deliver the project. I am representing a game designing and development company: Here a few of our recent poker games works: -!/id663346866?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 -- and many more... Can you share more information about the project at my mail box, so that we can have more and better idea on this? -- Regards, Sumantra E-mail: Phone: +44 20 79932099 +1 650 481 6031 +91 7003455822 Chat IDs: sumantra.digitalaptech