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  1. Thank you so much! If you have time, can you give me more info about games that use it like that? How do they use? How can I contact them? Do they use Babylon also on the client? Do they use Playfab? Don't want to be annoying, I just want to have all the info I can gather. 😀
  2. Thanks! Glad to be in your community! But what do you think about the idea of using Babylon on the server? Will it work if I let's say use PlayFab as Baas, and Babylon or maybe even Playcanvas on the client side?
  3. In every game you have entities (players, mobs), they almost always have some attributes: it can be an array of skills, hp, speed, all of that very common game logic stuff. Most likely during a game process, these attributes will change: an array will be pushed/popped, hp will be changed and so on. I am going to use Babylon on the server side (using NullEngine) as a physics engine. But I am also curious can it help me with this very common game logic stuff that I have described. I glanced through the docs but haven't seen anything that I want yet. Does this functionality exist in game engines at all? I am talking about helping with common game logic stuff. It should be, right? Does Babylon have it? And by the way what do you think about the idea of using Babylon on the server?