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  1. Thanks for your help V!nc3r its working perfectly now! I guess the key takeaway is that blender uses keys to store UV references, while the Babylon.js exporter uses indices.
  2. How would I replicate that precisely, because I tried joining the mesh with a Cube, and then deleting the added Cube, and the mesh was still broken in babylon.js.
  3. How do you find out if a mesh is broken? And how does attaching a Cube fix the issue?
  4. I'm not trying to export the objects in the first layer. I want to export the objects on the second layer which all have materials.
  5. Sorry I've only just now realized that this is not a straight forward question, but more of a bug. Should I re-post this in the bug forum?
  6. Hello HTML game devs. First time poster. Some textures aren't appearing in babylon.js in a tile set I exported from blender using the Blender To Babylon 5.6 exporter. Here is the tile set scene in blender, as well as a simple hand crafted scene built in blender using the tiles to give an idea of what the final product should look like. . Here is the default tile set scene imported into babylon.js as well as a scene generated by from my map-generation script. Despite my horrible lighting, it's clear the wall texture is not being rendered in all the models. Neither the exporter or babylon.js are generating any errors or warnings. Here is an archive containing the .babylon file and textures Here is the blender exporter log I am new to 3D rendering and only have a basic understanding of Materials, Lighting, UV Maps and Textures, so if somebody could have a crack at it I'd really appreciate it.