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  1. Old school respect! I'm sometimes use https://github.com/digital-synapse/ds.oop/wiki lightweight, fast and simple oop-cover lib.
  2. Samid, thanks for the example, but it doesn't look like the physics of the machine. not too realistic turns. so I found it: it’s more like the truth, only for the phaser 2, and it seems to me that on 3 it is easier to write. https://simple-car-game.herokuapp.com/ https://codeburst.io/how-to-make-a-simple-multiplayer-online-car-game-with-javascript-89d47908f995
  3. Whether there are fresh examples for Phaser 3. It is interesting to see the implementation of physics and realistic control of the machine in the style of GTA-2. I saw a couple of examples for Phaser 2, and they are something too complicated. How rotation car by ellipsis? How accelerate? How to ride back with a realistic turn?
  4. Elleniaw, Thanks for the examples. I realized that I initially chose the alignment policy incorrectly. Now I align the elements relative to the center of the camera, it turned out to be easier As I understood that the most difficult thing in game development is correct alignment and scaling of elements so that they look normal on all devices.
  5. Hey guys! I want align tilemap to bottom screen. But it not work: // in create method ... map = this.make.tilemap({ key: "map" }); map.alignTo(this.cameras.main, Phaser.BOTTOM_CENTER, 0, 0); ... console said: Uncaught TypeError: map.alignTo is not a function How I can do it?
  6. I want to get to know the community. My name is Alexander, and I am 30 years old. I am a web developer. Initially, I started programming for the sake of games, but I did not notice how I was carried away in the usual development of websites and other web projects. Now I realized that I was losing something. I want to play games again. When I was just starting my way - I started it with ActionScript 2. Much time has passed since (2004). And now I would like to resume my path of game development with Phaser 3. I hope for your support and patience of my stupid questions. And sorry for my bad
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