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  1. LOL. You said that a long time ago and nothing has changed. Please stop promising.
  2. HTML5 game on Steam is no longer a web game, but already a PC game. When I talk about the monetization of HTML5 games, I mean the web platform, not the development tool.
  3. Any success story is a forced marketing platform. Like Facebook, which cites examples of the success of those who work closely with him on special conditions. I do not take seriously the information from the TrueValhalla, because it is difficult to believe that with the absolute absence of sponsors' interest in third-party html5, this person earns several thousand dollars a month. Are they able to earn average .io games? Or the only option to earn less significant amounts is blockchain gambling and blockchain games like CryptoKitties? So it would be interesting to know the opinion of members of the forum or the real state of things in HTML5 gamedev. And why is everything so bad with this platform compared to mobile? The reason for the quality of the content? In the problems of monetization? In user ergonomics?
  4. When will you do an individual verification? Lured people and threw. Terrible platform, terrible politics and bureaucracy. Well done. Loss of time, loss of money, loss of nerves - that will give Facebook. Why are you fooling people? Why do people have to waste time and energy? And you give traffic to such crap like OMG and LOL, which is not a game at all. Where is the moderation? Where's the justice? But you have unexpected changes to the rules of publication, deception, bugs, terrible reputation and terribly slow support. You open the platform, people start working. Then you demand that people register their business and without it they cannot fully release the game. Why are you doing this now? Why didn't you do it at first? You are terrible, Facebook is disgusting. You are an ugly platform. Just know it. A platform with not healthy competition, but a piece of shit. Absolute random. Random rules. Random traffic.
  5. Enough time has passed to draw some conclusions. What experience do you have from working with the platform? Will you continue to make games for the FB Instant Games?
  6. Don't think about it. Constantly something breaks at Facebook. You must have a registered business to work normally with Facebook. May not be able to get money in your region. But the most pleasant thing is that now monetization for everyone has broken on Facebook. Success on this platform is only possible in close collaboration with Facebook. This is confirmed by all the success stories that Facebook feeds us. The openness of the platform for FB instant games is a great lie.
  7. All that is written there doesn't make sense. No deadlines, no description of how it will be, what is it? How should this help?
  8. Bureaucracy has never contributed to quality. You just reduced the amount of games, no matter good or bad. If you look at the App Store, you will notice there is less trash than in Google Play. The reason is moderation. As you know that moderation in App Store is better than in Google Play. And the App Store does not force its developers to mess with the bureaucracy. Well, if the process of individual verification will be fast and will not drag on for weeks. By the way, it is strange that you did not do business verification and individual verification at the same time. This is not fair.
  9. So, in order to improve the quality of games, Facebook has created a bureaucratic barrier, instead of improving moderation. Now I am finishing the development of a multiplayer game. I have no company, I am an independent developer. Does it make sense to publish the game, without business verification? Or will it all be wasted? It is strange that Facebook writes about verification and individual business, but only has a business that is individual in the process. Why not do business and individual verification at the same time? Considering all this, we can say that Facebook is not an open platform and the fact that it constantly puts obstacles, so you should not regard this as a new full-fledged platform on which you can build a business. Very unstable.