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  1. I tested LoadAssetContainer and also ImportMesh for importing omni standard lights from 3ds max to Babylon world ( via babylon, gltf, or glb extensions ) The result is that mentioned lights are imported only if checked KHR_lights_punctuals.
  2. Hello there, I imported 3x "omni" lights from 3ds max and 2x mesh models (inside one babylon file). place of loading mentioned scene, see on the picture. The problem is that imported lights do not affect objects in the scene. How to do it? How is it possible?
  3. Hello there, I am trying to put my own rigged(biped) 3d model from 3ds max into babylon world. But I have any problems. For example., how can I set the names of parts of animation in 3ds max as you can se on attached picture? Most often problems with importing models with bones? Thank in advance.
  4. Fixed by putting reference tag to the true position.
  5. Try double click to enlarge pic for the best quallity. I did my best but intellisense is telling me only "ANY". New pic attached.
  6. I'm sending pictures describing my problems. - non-working intellisense of Babylon.js, - non-working compilation by google chrome. Babylon.js folder I have on my desktop. I use the files in the folder: ".vscode" What is wrong, any idea?
  7. I installed Babylon as instructed here: The problem is that intellisense does not offer help info for the function parameters, see the figure below (I see only ANY - nothing more). How to solve it?
  8. Dear there, what is the bet development environment for Babylon.js (for intellisense included)? Thank for your ansver in advance.