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  1. What's the policy for textures, if they are not longer used they are released?

    They are released in case they are not in use and the memory usage becomes critical? 

    I'm asking this since I'm trying to develop something like a VR walktrhough using panoramic spheres and if it is so big it could fill a low-end mobile device.


    Thank you in advance.



  2. My final intention is to create something like Marzipano ( then why I don't want to use Marzipano itself? since I want to introduce 3d elements and so.

    I'll post lots of questions in this topic some of them will be replied by me when I archive to do the work and hopefully other people will contribute (without that people I'm sure I won't be able to do it!)


    First part the cameras: here is the base code: that is a modified version of a code I've found in the forums but cannot locate no more so I cannot give proper credits to the author :(

    It has right now some initial problems:


    Second part resources: (code to come)

    • If you need several cubemaps how to deal with the loading? It should be asynchronous? loading on demand?
    • Can you use multi-resolution cubemaps like in Marzipano?


    The journey starts and I hope that I could design a functional solution.

  3. I need to make custom operations before or after the render and it works nicely on Chrome and Firefox (tested in windows), also works nice on Android but you cannot move the camera in iPhone

    here are the mandatory examples


    Working (just commented out the registerBeroreRender)


    Any tip on this? Thank you in advance.


    Btw: most of my code is based on an example that a user posted in the forum but I cannot longer find the post to make a proper attribution sorry!

  4. Hi All I'v just tried to make a fast example of double tapping in a mobile device but none of the two methods I know worked properly:


    scene.onPointerObservable.add((pointerInfo) => {
      switch (pointerInfo.type) {
        case BABYLON.PointerEventTypes.POINTERDOUBLETAP:
          console.log("POINTER DOUBLE-TAP");
    window.addEventListener("dblclick", function () {
      console.log("POINTER DOUBLE-TAP B");              

    Both are working ok in PC and in the desktop version of the web in my mobile device (Google Chrome)

    Any idea about this?

    Thank you in advance!

  5. My idea is to "project" a cubic texture from a given point as Google Streetview or Matterport do?

    The idea is that this kind of shader should look like projected texture not like reflection as CUBIC_MODE does.

    I've made several test like using refraction with IOR (it looks promising!) but the projection is always done from camera position.


    Any tip on this? Thank you in advance!



    That is a really really simple example that works ok with the providen url


    boxMaterial.reflectionTexture = new BABYLON.CubeTexture("", scene, ["cubeSide_nx.jpg", "cubeSide_nx.jpg", "cubeSide_nx.jpg", "cubeSide_nx.jpg", "cubeSide_nx.jpg", "cubeSide_nx.jpg"]);

    but fails using my own server 

    boxMaterial.reflectionTexture = new BABYLON.CubeTexture("", scene, ["SalonA_nx.jpg", "SalonA_nx.jpg", "SalonA_nx.jpg", "SalonA_nx.jpg", "SalonA_nx.jpg", "SalonA_nx.jpg"]);

    Obviously you can get the SalonA_nx.jpg file without problem using that url.

    Any tip about this? thank you in advance and sorry for being such newbie!

  7. Please let me introduce myself: I’m a total newbie in webgl related projects but I have a big experience in 3d and other render engines like Unreal, now I want to start using webgl experiments and obviously my first step is choosing a engine, but there are two things that will make my decision.

    • How Babylon.js stream the contents? I mean my project should be able to download the assets in streaming without needing to download everything before the “game” starts. Also I played in the past with Google Marzipano, it uses cubemaps (I’ll need them too in this one), but it has a supernice feature, it allows you to define them in lots of resolutions and it starts using the lower res version and once is loaded it tries to download a higher res and so.

    • Can I make raycast to concave meshes? I need to get the real world coordinates of a picked point in screen space.

    Thank you in advance!