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  1. Hello,I want to do the same effect in phaser3.Please share your ideas.Thanks.
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    Hi, Is there any free open source tool or plugin available for taking atlas spritesheet image and json from photoshop? Thanks in advance.
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    Hi I want to know the Application for sprite creation for 2d games.Which one is good in quality wise and size also.Any idea about this please share with me.
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    How can i move from one state to another state without stop the loader function. For Example In my game we have four state, In first state we load whole assets of our game, If i move to second state once if the second state assets are loaded. If i moved in that point loader stopped. How can i move without stop the loader function.
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    Hi How can i use color picker in game and how to set that color to sprite.
  6. Hi Guys How can i play spritesheet animation using javascript.
  7. Hi How can i remove the phaser canvas including stage.
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    Hi, I am Ram, a game developer. So, basically I'm doing a 2d game(kind of girlgames)in HTML5 using phaser. Every game will have a preloader which includes loading bar and logo of that gaming website. Till now I'm using all those assests of preloader from local files/folders. Now we have a idea to add those preloader assests in server and access using phaser.js. We did the preloader part using phaser.js. Now how can I access that preloader page from server.