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  1. Hey @hromoyDron, The tutorial on level 1 specifies that you must press [N] or click the wave screen in order to start the wave. Walls can be stacked indeed, this was an unintended mechanic but can be useful here and there and if you simply stack an wall on top of another by mistake you can simply sell it using [Right Click]. Thank you for trying my game out!
  2. I literally have no idea why that's happening, it seems itch tries to fetch some data from google analytics but it fails and I guess it's because of the site lock feature. It's strange indeed since I don't have anything related to analytics. *Edit* Yeah the sudden change of domain to google was causing this. Until I solve this problem I will put the kongregate link in the first post.
  3. Spacedust Defender is the first game I have ever made after many failed projects (basic gamedev stuff). Short Description - Enroll as a [Defender] and take up the mission to protect your solar system from the threat of an imminent Bluul Invasion. The concept is a combination between a maze tower defense and a space shooter, kinda. Feel free to try it HERE if it sounds interesting.