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  1. oh, thank you so much JohnK, I will give it a shot with Phaser:-)
  2. Hello, Today I started the babylon course and managed to create my first spritesheet animation in photoshop and have my little guy running on the screen, yeah! I had no idea games animations were made this way! Where I need a bit of help at the moment is on the understanding of the technology rather than the coding for now. First, I am not understanding why there is an editor and what it is for, I need to create a 2d game, will this tool be useful? http://editor.babylonjs.com/ second, where I am very confused about is the placement of objects in a game, i
  3. Thank you so much for both taking the time to reply to my query, I really appreciate. I have noted all the information you have passed onto me and will check the "Game Programming patterns" which I believe will be a kind of OOP(which I already know with Laravel), and also check on Blender. I have used Gimp in the past but preferred Photoshop. What I will be looking at creating with my daughter, for now, is a 2d game as it is a bit of a personal dream. I am also a composer so creating war music and game FX will not be a problem 🙂 Regarding multiplayer technologies, I read
  4. Hello, I am a PHP programmer with knowledge of Javascript. I have never developed a game in my life and this is new to me. I understand that Babylon.js is a frame with functions that help you create effects and other cool things but the part I am not understanding is the design part. 1)let's say I need to have little soldiers running on the field with castles, how to design them? Is there an open source software out there that help you design these sprites as I would really struggle making them in Photoshop. 2)On which device a game made with Babylon.js can run on?
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