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  1. oh, thank you so much JohnK, I will give it a shot with Phaser:-)
  2. Hello, Today I started the babylon course and managed to create my first spritesheet animation in photoshop and have my little guy running on the screen, yeah! I had no idea games animations were made this way! Where I need a bit of help at the moment is on the understanding of the technology rather than the coding for now. First, I am not understanding why there is an editor and what it is for, I need to create a 2d game, will this tool be useful? second, where I am very confused about is the placement of objects in a game, is everything done pixels by pixels?? If yes it will take me ages to add details on a map, or, perhaps, this editor above may help with the job? ie: Let's say you create a super Mario game and you have these question mark boxes all over a level, how would you place them, please? It would be nice to have some kind of visual with a drag and drop. Thank you all, I am going to love this new little hobby!
  3. Thank you so much for both taking the time to reply to my query, I really appreciate. I have noted all the information you have passed onto me and will check the "Game Programming patterns" which I believe will be a kind of OOP(which I already know with Laravel), and also check on Blender. I have used Gimp in the past but preferred Photoshop. What I will be looking at creating with my daughter, for now, is a 2d game as it is a bit of a personal dream. I am also a composer so creating war music and game FX will not be a problem 🙂 Regarding multiplayer technologies, I read on it last night and it looks like WebSocket together with Redis will work well. Redis is great as the data is computed inside the memory rather than the disk. I have all the info to start having fun, thank you so much!
  4. Hello, I am a PHP programmer with knowledge of Javascript. I have never developed a game in my life and this is new to me. I understand that Babylon.js is a frame with functions that help you create effects and other cool things but the part I am not understanding is the design part. 1)let's say I need to have little soldiers running on the field with castles, how to design them? Is there an open source software out there that help you design these sprites as I would really struggle making them in Photoshop. 2)On which device a game made with Babylon.js can run on? 3)Is there a way to create multiplayer games with score board or is Babylon limited? 4)Compared to an engine like Unity, can Babylon create games as good? Thank you so much!