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  1. Thank you very much for your answers, guys.
  2. Hi guys, As mentionned on title, only setCollision work with the code beyond. Looking at the doc, I think el.setAlpha and setVisible() should work, am I missing something? const erase = MyStaticTilemapLayer.filterTiles(tile => erase.forEach(function(el) { el.setVisible(false) el.setAlpha(0.2) el.setCollision(false) }) }
  3. Hi guys, I am working on a rpg game with tilemap. Everything is ok concerning tilemap integration, but I have a problem that I can't elucidate concerning a kind of UI I would like to create for this game. Concretely, I need static panels on my game on each side of the tilemap part. But (logically) when I try to implement this, I have a problem with panels coordinates because camera follow the players (whose coordinates reflect tilemap coordinate). The only trick I found to implement those panels is to adjust panels coordinates on the player one's, but that seems a really poor solution... I wonder if there could be an other solution that would imply other layer/canvas element but dont know how to implement it. Does someone know to achieve this with phaser3 or give me hints ?
  4. I would like to "style" camera views (for example, a camera with background/borders). I was dreaming to a thing like adding a camera to a container but it seems this is not possible. beside workarounds, I wonder if I am not missing something : is there a "legal/simple way" to do this? don't find anything on the web about it. Any clue?
  5. That is what I was looking for. Thanks. myScene.cameras.main.setBackgroundColor('#000000')
  6. Thanks for quick response. Is there an other way then to access canvas context in phaser3? For example I used Game.resize() method to resize the canvas, but dont find how to change other parameters (like background color I mentionned above). Where to search in Phaser API / any examples ?
  7. Does anyone know how to use the CanvasRenderer class ( )? I would like to do things like easily resize canvas, modify canvas background-color, etc - without having to use directly html5 canvas API. Is it possible?