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  1. Hi! Interesting in doing games for research? I'm doing a research into certain aspects of OCD as part of my masters degree and I've designed a simple game to objectively identify certain aspects of the disorder. I have developed prototypes and now need to change it to a working solution in order to pilot it. I am an amateur programmer and I've developed the prototypes in Phaser 2, with Node.js on the back end (on google cloud) and then I've written code to analyse the data in Python. The idea is to collect the data in MongoDB (running on GCP) and analyse it in real time (not sure how to use python code with Node.js). Next step is the enhance the prototype (or redo from scratch) in Phaser 3, add Mongo and deploy on GCP to start collecting data – then somehow connect the python code that analyses the data and give real time feedback to the player – and I am need of some help to progress to the next step!