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  1. I am still getting errors like: Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error Build:Expected 0-1 arguments, but got 5. Canada C:\MRM\Canada\Canada\app.ts . I am receiving 10 Errors when trying to build this in VS2015. It is behaving like it is missing a project reference as it doesn't recognize game.load,image and game.add.sprite as well as the number of arguments in Phaser.Game. This behavior is normally tied to missing a .dll or a using in C#. In the initial instructions it says if you are still having errors to add the suggested file to the top of the app.ts file: /// <reference path="phaser.d.ts"/> which I did. I can see in doing research using /// <reference path="phaser.d.ts"/> as a way to add reference is supposed to work. I have downloaded the latest version of phaser.d.ts from Git and still have the issue. Any help would be very much appreciated as I am trying to get started with Phaser3 app.ts
  2. Thank you! you were correct and I got it fixed!
  3. I am setting up the typescript version in VS and noticed when I downloaded version 3.15.1 there was no typesript folder or file "As of Phaser 2 the TypeScript definitions are found in a folder called typescript in the root of the repository. You need to select the phaser.d.ts file from there. If you have an earlier version of Phaser the defs file can be found in the build folder." Does anyone have any ideas on where I can find this file? It also does not exist on GitHub as far as I could see.