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  1. Hello guys, I found one of my old projects on the computer and decide to remake it and share it with you. It's a simple 2D game, made in HTML5. Enjoy it. http://covid19arena.com/
  2. I'm maybe late to the party... I created a game called Theraxius (WIP). It's a simple game to play, but from a technical point of view it's a little more advanced. I can't just pack it and send it to a publisher or upload it on any page, so I have my own page and that leads to another problem: how to get players? I tried almost everything, but without success. I wanted to create a "PC version of HTML5" game - and this market IS dead. Maybe I'm wrong, but I couldn't find any decent game. Today all PC games are on Steam. But I believe that is a different story in HTML5 games that run on eve
  3. The demo (more like a prototype) is out! Go, try it. Any thoughts, feedback? http://theraxius.com/play Thanks. The game was planned as a single player only. But you never know.
  4. So it's been a while. First, I would like to thank you for the great response. I got good news for you: DEMO is coming soon. Meanwhile, here is a new screenshot and video (level editor). Also, don't forget to check the page! Enjoy. theraxius.com
  5. Hello. Like I promised, here is first “alpha test” video. This game is still “work in progress”. I have a lot of ideas, but it takes a lot of time to implement them. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
  6. Hi aaryte, thanks. I will try to upload "alpha test" as soon as possible. But first I have to do some code optimisation. Last week I did the first tests on various computers and I wasn't happy with the results :)
  7. Hi everyone. For the last few months I’ve been working on a simple HTML5 2D side scrolling action game called Theraxius. It's nothing new and revolutionary, it's more like an evolution of different technology. The game also includes a level editor so you can create your own levels. Engine (all game logic and level editor) is written completely in JavaScript, no download is required. Just load and play. Level data (stored in JSON format in the database) is exchanged thru Ajax calls. Server side is written in PHP. All images and sounds are preloaded from the server before play. The game uses HTM
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