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  1. Hi Everyone, We are making a game to help people learn to type. We used Phaser 2 and this is our first game so feedback from a group like this would be very helpful. It is a sidescroller where you type in words as they appear to move your character. The levels slowly add more keys and longer words to build up your muscle memory. The demo is now live and is located at: https://playwordbirds.com There is also a short trailer and some other information on the site. Here is the direct link for the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93FlRNyFnF4 There is a feedback button that pops up above the game window, or even better post your thoughts here or email us at wordbirds@switchback.studio. If nothing comes to mind just tell us the thing you liked the least and thing you liked the most. If you are up for a little challenge we are giving away free keys for the game if you can beat the demo! Thanks!