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  1. I’m trying to optimize my babylon scenes using GPU particles, but If I use the same blend mode as I had with standard particles (BLENDMODE_MULTIPLYADD), then my particles look terrible with the transparent portion being ignored. If I use BLENDMODE_STANDARD the particles come out looking too dark. Is there a way to have the same look when I’m using both GPU particles and non-GPU particles? Here’s a playground with my settings and using my particle texture. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/indexStable.html#C1KYFM#2 Thanks!
  2. So it worked! I already had the dummy mesh, the fountain cube, but using attachToBone did the job. Strangely enough I'd tried using attachToBone previously, but I probably did it with the wrong combination of other variables. Thanks so much to both of you!
  3. I tried parenting it at the top most mesh previously, but I tried it again just now with the addition of bakeCurrentTransformIntoVertices() . In the playground it worked mostly (perhaps some weird rotation of the particles but that's easily fixed): https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#424Q55#3 But when I try it in my project, it doesn't have the same effect. (see the image below) Parenting to the top most mesh helps with the x transform position, but now the particle system doesn't move at all when the avatar does. (I should note, that unlike in the original playground I posted - i
  4. Hello! I've been dabbling in Babylon for a month or so now, and things are going well, but I'm getting caught up on this one problem: I have several avatars in a row. They all have jetpacks, but there should only be one active any time. I've parented the emitter fountain objects to each of the avatar's hip bones and then offset it so that it's behind the avatar roughly in the location of the jetpack on the mesh. It works fine for the avatar at (0,0) but the fountain doesn't seem to move when i translate each of the avatars into their final positions Isn't that what parenting does? I
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