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  1. Hi @jerome Thanks for your reply. I did compare the normal exported from Blender and the one derived by ComputeNormals All configs are the same but normals outcomes are slightly different. Maybe it's due to the differences between two algos. From your comments, I think the smoothness/normalization of normals is the key to this case? However I find it's pretty hard to insert the "average value" idea into the Normal Computing Process without manual works? Don't know how to define where artifacts take place. Is it possible to apply entirely normalizatio
  2. Hi @JCPalmer Thanks for your great insight. Sorry I didn't explain it clear. I try to solve the ComputeNormals things because I thought shapekey morphing in TOB-output-js is done with helps of ComputeNormals function. Are there any ways to workaround? ( vertex deformation in correct material display without computing normals ) I follow the suggestions and do some experiments independently. (A) Separate Meshes and set them to parent mesh (B) Build all materials into one Sadly, I still face the normal-line condition. I reference
  3. Hi @JCPalmer @Sebavan, Thank you for the great explanation. Really looking forward to the new version you are working on ! The demo you've shown seems to have the same issue. As you can see in my playground , the shapekey group is already removed, however is still having issue after doing ComputeNormals. So it is not caused by shapekey group, possibly material group or something else? In our condition, it's really sad that maybe .babylon exporter is not the suitable choice. Because our mesh is going to own plenty of keys and sha
  4. Hi, I'm a newbie on BJS. Recently, I export the TOB js file from blender. When I use MeshFactory Class to import the mesh on BJS , Everything is alright. (pic1) When I start to apply the vertexDeform function in QueuedInterpolation.1.1.js , the morphing works well in positions However the texture turns out discontinuous effect. (pic2, triangle discontinuous dark shadow) It seems like something incorrect. Maybe normals or shadows or something else? After tracing the code in QI, I found that the compute normals is involved in vertexD
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