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    Slot game

    While making a slot game, I need to add time delay to start individual reel and to increase its speed for which I need to increase the fps of game. So please help me out here.
  2. code0n

    DispatchEvent error

    i have make an button object inside which event listener , enable, disable activity is being done and when i m making an object of button inside the another object i.e., ui.js then it is showing a.dispatchEvent is not a function(). Help me to get out of it
  3. I want to do the same animation for bending card but unable to do so using css and border-radius property. Is there any property or method by which we can make it happen.. Plz help me regarding it.. card folding (1).mp4
  4. i am not able to control the css properties for animation using Tweenjs , finding difficulty in adding it. Suggest how could i achieve it. I want to control border radius css property of css.
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