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  1. This is glorious. I might need a lawyer to sue for my wasted time....
  2. Nice. One little thing, the loopy L makes it sort of read You Close
  3. Wow, am I bad at that... Neat game.
  4. This is run on IPS, if it is using their Cloud hosting, the SSL is included. Just put in a support ticket and they will do it for you.
  5. Just learning, made my first Javascript Quizz today.... woo hoo. I wanted to get something I can install, test and run live. It seems like you can get a VPS or Cloud Droplets for pretty cheap. Just wondering what the difference is here. On the VPS it has Plesk, so you could make a bunch of different sites/playgrounds. Is the Cloud Droplet only for one site? Going to be learning Node/Express. I was looking at the VPS from 1and1 and the Cloud Droplet from DigitalOcean. Any ideas? Thanks Jamie
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