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  1. Thank you guys :)

    @danyburton When you press File, Edit ... nothing happens? What browser do you use?

    @Goblet Ed  Selecting multiple layers is an absolutely essential feature. You can do it in Photopea since the first release (4 years ago) in Layers panel, by holding Ctrl or Shift and selecting layers. How do you do that in your editor of choice? :)

    @totor Thanks. You could use it for the same reason, why people use Photoshop instead of Gimp.  I believe Photopea is more powerful than Gimp (smart objects, adjustment layers, layer styles, spot healing brush ...) and it can open and save Photoshop files (PSD). Some filters work much faster in Photopea than in Gimp. But Krita has more drawing options than PP now.


  2. Hi guys,

    there is an online photo editor www.Photopea.com , which can open Photoshop files, Gimp Files, Sketch files and most of other existing image formats (even those, which browsers can not open by default, such as TIFF). There is a lot of useful resources in PSD / Gimp / Sketch formats on the web, and if you have been avoidng them because you didn't have the appropriate software, now you shouldn't ! :D

    I am the author of Photopea and I am trying to get some response from the developers / designers community. Would you consider using it instead of your current program? It can replace Photoshop or Gimp to a large extent. There is also a built-in PNG minifier.

  3. Hi guys,

    I created a library IvanK.js (or IvanK lib) in 2012: http://lib.ivank.net/ . I named it according to my domain ivank.net, that I had at that time.  Right now, I have a nice domain gowebgl.com and I am thinking about renaming my library to GoWebGL.

    What do you think about renaming a library? Would it be helpful? I think GoWebGL sounds better ... but I already have many users, who know IvanK.js, I don't want to confuse them. I also have many backlinks to lib.ivank.net. So what do you think?

  4. Thanks :)  To be precise, we do not distribute games, we distribute URLs to games. You have full control over the content of your URL, you can update the game at any time, add advertisment, redirect, etc.

    In world wide web, anybody can publish a link to your website (or game), or display it inside IFRAME. We just want to make a database of "reliable" URLs and give developers control and responsibility for their URLs.

  5. Hi guys,

    I am developing Photopea, a web-based image editor, for 3 years now, and I have added many new features during the last year.

    Photopea should be an advanced web-based editor with a good support for popular formats (PSD, XCF). In the last year, I have added WebGL acceleration, custom cursors, loading external fonts, brushes, gradients ... It also supports more features of PSD: Layer styles, Masks, Adjustment layers, Smart objects.

    I would like to get some feedback from real designers. Can you tell me what do you think about it? What features do you miss the most? Is there any chance, that you will start using it in the future?

    Thank you very much in advance for your responses :)

  6. I think you could add a story, limit the game to level 100 and also add some quests and achievements. After playing 100 levels the game becomes too repetitive.


    Thanks, I will add it in the next version :)

    By the way, I added Login feature (you can login with Google or Facebook account). After login, you can share your progress across many devices and get your score to leaderboard.


    Please, log in and share your score, I would like to have some large scores, to get other players motivated :)

  7. Right now, there is no difference between level 1 and level 100 (only numbers are bigger). Do you have any idea, how can I make the game more interesting / catchy in higher levels? Adding something new? I could draw new enemies and upgrade moonster look in each stage of evolution, but I think that changing graphics would not help.

    Any suggestions?

  8. Thank you for your comments :)

    icp: I am glad that you discovered farming! But there is no end in the game, you can play it until JS Number overflow ...

    benny: There are many ways to detect shapes and each of them can be considered the correct one. I decided to detect 3- to 6-lines (vertical and horizontal) and 3- to 6- plus signs. Shapes with many tiles are matched first (6-plus, 5-plus, ... 3-line), they can not intersect each other.

    Right now, there is no difference between level 1 and level 100 (only numbers are bigger). Do you have any idea, how can I make the game more interesting / catchy in higher levels? Adding something new? I could draw new enemies and upgrade moonster look in each stage of evolution, but I think that changing graphics would not help.

  9. Thanks :) Level 144? Good job! I got up to level 70 :) Did you have "out of moves" often, or rarely? Did you use 3-moonster levels for farming money?

    I was thinking about making an evolution of moonster to take some time. E.g. to second level in 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, 20, 40 ... up to several days. What do you think? Would people come back later to continue the game? It would be still possible to play with moonster during its evolution (quite a challenge).

  10. I think there are several unexpected and confusing obstacles:

    • manifest path, launch_path, icon path, what should be relative to what, what should be on the same domain and what does not have to
    • specific file strucure, authors may have to restructue files on their server just because of FF Marketplace
    • application/x-web-app-manifest+json header of manifest file - one usually has to use server-side programming to edit headers. I have no server-side code and adding .htaccess entry and PHP files for each of my games is just crazy. Too bad if you don't know any server-side programming.
    • when you have 15 games, creating and validating 15 manifest files by hand is crazy too


    I have discussed these things in dozens of emails with Firefox team. And all these problems are sovled for you by SMG service :)

  11. Hi guys,


    so-called Firefox Marketplace is out there for a while, but getting your game into this marketplace is a real pain in the ass (even bigger pain than Chrome Webstore).


    I made a little PHP script, which generates manifest.webapp file for your app / game. I made it a part of SpreadMyGame.com, so if you submit your game into SMG (title, description, game URL, thumbnail URL ...), you will see a link to your manifest.webapp file (it may look like this), which you can submit right into FF Marketplace Submission form .


    You would still have to go through a lot of forms, but I think making manifest file (speficifcation) is the hardest part. And once you have all your games at SMG, adding them to FF Marketplace becomes quite "mechanical" work.


    Hope you will like it :)