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  1. Hi everyone! I have published Photopea 1.0 http://blog.photopea.com/photopea-1-0.html . Unlike previous versions, it works in IE11. Please follow PP on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/photopea or Twitter https://twitter.com/photopeacom
  2. Hi neon, I created UI using HTML and CSS (generated by Javascript), I don't use any special libraries for it. Vector shapes, paths etc. are on my TODO list Inserting printscreens works in Chrome (just as inserting any other image, that is copied from any other native program). It used to work in Firefox, too. Both browsers have different APIs, no API for clipboard is standardized yet, so it sucks to work with such technology. I am just waiting, until browsers implement some standard and I will be able to use it.
  3. Hi, if anybody is still interested, I have published Photopea 0.9. It contains Type Tool, which is fully compatible with PSD format. http://www.photopea.com What do you think about it? What are the features it must have, to make you use it?
  4. Hi, thank you You must collect enough stars to unlock new maps. I edited graphics slightly, there is a message showing required number of stars.
  5. Hi, I have updated my old motorbike racing game Loud Rider. It uses WebGL and Box2D library for physics. It adapts to any screen size now (no matter if it is 4K or smartphone, or 4K smartphone). It supports touch input and can be played on mobile devices. I recommend to play it in fullscreen (there is a button for it). Play Loud Rider So what do you think about it?
  6. If you are looking for a free solution, let me recommend you clay.io - http://clay.io/docs/data By the way, your app, which runs at client, should be able to distinguish between clients and load the correct data for that client. So you must have some kind of login with password (your own system, or using OpenID, OAuth etc.) Clay.io already provides such system.
  7. IvanK

    Dino Hunt 2

    Thanks BdR I would really love to add dino walking animations, but I didn't get any. That is not a commercial project, I used free models that I found on the web. I could not find any free (or cheap) animated dinos. I will think about gamepad But sadly, I don't have any and I don't know anybody who uses it when browsing the web. Coin icon would look much better, than dollar sign, but I was too lazy ... it will be improved
  8. IvanK

    Dino Hunt 2

    Jethin: there already is a Jump option By the way, here is a video of me playing DH2 on tablet
  9. IvanK

    Dino Hunt 2

    Thank you rich for your comments I just added a support for cursor keys, great idea! Score should be saved in localStorage after you leave the game. Jumping helps you to climb a very steep hill. Also, when you jump, you can see a little better, what's behind the hill
  10. IvanK

    Dino Hunt 2

    Hi, I would like to show you an update of my 1-year-old game Dino Hunt, called Dino Hunt 2. Play it here. It is a 3D first person shooter. You should hunt dinosaurs, make money and unlock new levels. There are several new features: Dino Healt Bar is shown, when you focus on dinosaur.Support for High-DPI displays.Support for mobile devices (virtual joystick and keys).You can play in winter.Daily financial bonus, so you have return to the game every day I removed a radar. It is more fun to play, when you don't know, where dinosaurs are. You should also be more careful What do you think about it? Is there anything you would change, that is easy to change?
  11. Hi, I have a web http://www.funintablet.com/ . When you choose any of the games, there is a fullscreen button at the top right corner. You can see my code (pure JS): function makeFullscreen(id){ var el = document.getElementById(id); if (el.requestFullScreen ) el.requestFullScreen(); else if (el.webkitRequestFullScreen) el.webkitRequestFullScreen(); else if (el.mozRequestFullScreen ) el.mozRequestFullScreen();}I have tested my site in several desktop and Android browsers, it works everywhere.
  12. Try compressing your PNGs with https://tinypng.com/ . I don't know how they do that, but output PNG is 3 times smaller.
  13. IvanK

    IvanK.js 1.1 is out!

    Hi, let me show you the next release of IvanK library. The library, where everything is drawn using WebGL. One of the new features is editable TextField - you can click into textfield and type text, without using any HTML elements. I would like to encourage you to make 3D games. It is surprisingly simple, you don't have to know what Matrix or Shader is. Just play with position (x/y/z), rotationX / rotationY / rotationZ, scaleX / scaleY / scaleZ. Then you can play with drawTriangles / drawTriangles3D, and perhaps create a 3D shooter like Dino Hunt. Don't be afraid of 3D! IvanK.js works in all browsers with WebGL support, including IE11. It works smoothly in Chrome for Android. It is going to work in iOS 8 soon. Wish you good luck with your games!
  14. Thank you I also like Ctrl + click for selecting layers, I will add it soon Context menu will be also available in the future. Right now I am thinking about Text tool. It is not that easy, since I want it to be backward-compatible with Adobe Photoshop. The problem is, that I can not read all available fonts in the OS. If I offer some free WOFF fonts in Photopea, they may not be available in Photoshop (Photoshop and most of OS don't support WOFF format). Text may be also distorted using Warp, so I can not directly use 2D context of canvas (fillText) to render it. Each character can have different font, size, color, x/y-scale ... It is going to be such fun!
  15. Hi, this is not really about games, but I think some fans of HTML5 may like that If you do game design, you might actually use that (in some cases). I am developing a professional graphic editor, which will work inside a browser. I defined a challange for myself: it should load and save PSD (PhotoShop Document) format. www.Photopea.comBlog: blog.photopea.comI would like to get some feedback, to get myself motivated and maybe find some bugs. Try to open your PSDs and see them rendered. You can follow my FB or Twitter (see blog) to be aware of future updates. If you have a blog, it would be great if you write some post about it Let me know, what you think about it and what should happen to make you use it instead of your current image editor
  16. IvanK

    IvanK.js 0.9 is out!

    Hello, IvanK lib 0.9 was just released. It contains many new features, especailly interesting are: - filling vector shapes (polygons and curves) - multitouch support. I implemented it to add joysticks to my 3D shooter Dino Hunt - support for High DPI displays - "px" unit in CSS sometimes does not mean a real pixel, but library knows how to deal with it. As always, everything is accelerated with WebGL ! Enjoy!
  17. Hello, I have made a video of playing several of my games on Nexus 7 II. I distribute them on FunInTablet.com (through SpreadMyGame.com). Games use WebGL, while FunInTablet uses Fullscreen API, so you can see a super smooth fullscreen experience on that beautiful 1920 x 1200 px display I was testing it in Chrome Beta on Android. WebGL also works on Firefox, Opera Beta and few other Android browsers. I hope that WebGL will be in every browser on every device soon. What do you think about it? Will browser games replace native games?
  18. I have done it as demonstration of Floyd-Steinberg dithering - http://www.ivank.net/blogspot/dithering/dithering.html ( note, that the video is displayed on Canvas element ). I was playing video in HTML5 video object, then I created an empty canvas, draw the video element into that canvas, get pixel data from canvas and send them to the WebGL texture (over BitmapData in IvanK lib). Seems fast and smooth.
  19. If you are familiar with flash's hitTestObject / hitTestPoint, it is already implemented in IvanK lib - http://lib.ivank.net/?p=documentation , but for your purpose, it would be better to make a geometric model, it will work much faster than pixel-to-pixel intersection test. You can also create new BitmapData, draw some DisplayObject into it and then use getPixels() with 1x1 rectangle + reading the first value of returned array.
  20. IvanK


    Hey, you can use IvanK lib, it has curveTo and cubicCurveTo - see the demo http://lib.ivank.net/?p=demos&d=graphics http://lib.ivank.net/?p=demos&d=bezier
  21. IvanK

    Cellow game

    Hey I love it! Can you add it to my game database www.spreadmygame.com ?
  22. To Travis: I made the game in a week, but I used my library ivank.js, which took me a year to develop into current state :-D I added share and like buttons to the page. Do you think it is possible to make this game viral, if people share it through social networks? Can I ask you to share it, to make my first viral attempt?
  23. Hello, I slightly updated Dino Hunt: http://dinohunt.ivank.net There was a bug in cursor / dinosaur collision test, now it works perfectly. I also removed alpha-depth-test, so trees look uglier, but GPU requirements are twice lower The game should run fine in all browsers, I didn't make it any browser-specific. But mouse lock is currently in Chrome and Firefox only I am in level 90. It is not interesting anymore Do you know how to make it more interesting?
  24. IvanK


    Hello, I use my own tweener, which is a port of "caurina Tweener". It is very fast. Here it is: http://tweener.ivank.net/
  25. Hello, thanks for your comments I have added mouse lock, do you think it is better now? My code is multitouch-ready now I am planning to add multitouch in the future (joystick at bottom-left, turning around by dragging on the right half of the screen, Shoot and Jump buttons). http://dinohunt.ivank.net I have my models from http://tf3dm.com/ . I parse them from different formats using my library K3D.js and then save them as .BIV, which is my own format that I created for the purposes of my games