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  1. Have you seen my game Connection? Try to change the window size, the game is restretched automatically. That's what I mean by resolution independance. I am wondering, why people (and if you too) are making games with fixed resolution (e.g. 640x480), when you can't play them on small screens (e.g. 480x360 - game frame is too big) and you can't play them on large screens (e.g. 3000x2000 - game frame is too small). Almost all HTML5 games I have seen have fixed frame size. Why people are not making HTML5 games, which stretch automatically?
  2. Hello, I have made several HTML5 games and I wanted all of them to be resolution-independent. There are some small devices with resolutions 240x320, there are "usual computers" with resolutions about 1000x1000 and there may come resolutions like 10 000 x 10 000 in the future, so I want my games to work look nice on all of them. I usually do it with listening to "resize" event on window and scaling my game. I export my textures in much higher resolution than I actually need. E.g. take a look at my Connection game: http://connection.ivank.net/ Here is monster, Here is logo. I like to play games in fullscreen, then you can forget that you are still in the browser :-D especially on mobile devices. So my question is: If you are making fixed-resolution games, why are you doing that? Is it so hard to make a listener and rebuild your scene at event? Or do you have some other reasons for that?
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    I just took a short look at 93 lines of code and I found a bug at line 19 and several other: var i = (y*this.height+x)*3; I think there should be this.width instead of height. EDIT: I have written him an email and he fixed it.
  4. @rich: yes, I was thinking about adding support for affine transformations, but nobody needed it yet. But I can add it in version 0.3 . One can come up with lots of operations on polygons, but I think it is a bad idea to add them, until somebody needs it. BTW. set operations on polygon would be cool (intersection, difference). With difference, you can "cut" polygons from polygon and e.g. make destroyable terrain, like in Worms.
  5. @rich: sure, convert it into anything you want, it is under MIT licence but insert a link to official page @Mike: thank you @zwacky: Actually, Tiny Monsters is my game and it was the reason why I wrote PolyK
  6. Hello, let me introduce you my new open-source library PolyK - http://polyk.ivank.net . It is written in pure JavaScript, without any bindings to DOM, CSS or anything else. It is a set of several functions, which take an array of numbers and process it. It my be useful for some games, but you can use it even for non-graphical computation. I have several ideas for games, which may use that library. I don't have a time to make them, but maybe you will you click on some button in the middle of labyrinth (polygon) and you have to get mouse cursor out without touching the polygon. (PolyK.ContainsPoint) using PolyK.ClosestEdge you can test intersection with polygon and circle. You can make balls bouncing inside the polygon and then a character, which should go throught the polygon avoiding those balls. You can make car racing. Real physical models (Box2D, Bullet) are usually bad for car racing. With PolyK you can make pseudo-physical model. If you attach Z coordinate to road points and interpolate it, you can make 3D racing with jumping above the road, just like Need for speed With raycasting, you can test visibility between 2 points throught polygon. You can make your secret agent character run through the map while avoiding guards. Using Slice function, you can do something like Fruit ninja, but with multiple slicing and much interesting shapes.
  7. I am repeating it over and over. You can not make things work in all browsers! There are some browsers from early 90's, which don't even have CSS. It will be hard to make your game work in them. I always recommend to choose the standard and write for that standard (HTML4.2, HTML5, XHTML, CSS1, CSS2, CSS3, DOM1, DOM2, DOM3, WebGL, ...) . If that standard is new, it will be sooner or later implemented in most of browsers. If you spend 50% of time making your app work in some old browser, all that effort may become useless in few months, when nobody will use that browser. Modern browsers are being automatically updated almost each month, even when user does not know what browser is. So again, we are not writing our apps for browsers, but browsers are being written for our apps!
  8. Hello, I have made several 2D games with IvanK lib (it is my library ). When you need some special computations (physics, geometry, graphs, ...), use special libraries for that. I have never used JQuery.
  9. Hello, I started to write my library IvanK lib - http://lib.ivank.net a year ago and it was WebGL-accelerated since the beginning. It runs perfectly in Chrome Beta for Android and in Dolphin Beta for android.
  10. Hello, I have made a simple system for spreading HTML5 games via IFRAMEs. It is called Spread My Game. If you are a developer, please add links to your games into my database. Currently there are only my own games, but I would like to have more interesting games. I am focusing primarily on resolution-independent games (which scale while resizing window), but you can add anything you want. BTW. what do you think about the whole idea?
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    Hello, I have just finished a puzzle game called Connection . What do you think about it? I decided, that instead of having lots of levels, I will gradually add 20 levels each week. Screen 1 , Screen 2