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  1. Thanks, somewhat embarrassingly I managed to get this far without realizing that you can explicitly define parent/child relationships between meshes, so after writing code like: mesh1.parent = mesh2; and removing all the code where I set the position of the child meshes it worked fine. Interestingly, where the child mesh is there to display text, using the parent child relationship works well when the objects move gently and having the text be readable only some of the time provides a good visual experience as the text moves and rotates with the parent mesh. When you want the text on a BABYLON.Mesh.CreatePlane to be more readable, the original approach works better. Appreciate everything.
  2. Trying to upgrade a working game I wrote on an earlier version of BabylonJs. The code below uses 4.0.0-alpha.9 (having struggled somewhat to get the latest 3.3 to work with Oimo.js). I get an error in Chrome: here's the offending code in Chrome … and here's the earlier place where billboard gets defined If I comment out the 7 lines where I setPhysicsState and the 6 lines where I setLinearVelocity, the scene loads ok. If I comment out line 356 I get a similar error from 357. I'm thinking that my BABYLON.Mesh.CreatePlane doesn't have a setPhysicsState method any more and setLinearVelocity could have disappeared too. Thanks so much. Simon P.S. Great to see all the recent babylonjs activity, it's a fantastic creation, I didn't realize that this was happening from my use of Nuget Package Manager within Visual Studio until I started to dig deeper.