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  1. I'm using Pixi with Vue, and even people said that we just need to import what we need using `import`, but when inspecting my built file, it still import all the library. I tried create only the application by using `import { Application } from 'pixi.js'`. After building files, it still import the whole PIXI Library, the same thing happen when I use ` import {Container}` or others components. I tried with React, and it's same. Then I realize that it just supports us to use `import` and the whole Library will be accompanied with every module you use. (try take a look at your app.js file after built)
  2. Oh, I see, after reading your link, I see how they want to do , but in my case, I'm not building a game, I'm building a tool for create chatbot, Images will be added by user and then rendered on scene, those images are dynamic, means it will change (not every frame, just when user click to change to other image). So I wonder does the SpriteSheet can help this case?
  3. I heard about it but I don't know how to apply it, can u give me a small instance? Thank you
  4. Hi everyone, I have a question, I think there maybe a question like mine posted somewhere, I tried to find but can't have a good answer. In my scene, I have a lot of picture, I use Sprite.fromImage to load those picture instead of PIXI.loader because my pictures don't load at the first time. Because of many pictures, so my scene has very low FPS, I think it probably because I load directly raw picture from path. Does anyone know can advise me anyway to fix this. Thank you!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new with PIXI, and I'm wondering this situation. I want to make a rectangle, and its border can be changed when we hover. I tried search on Google and almost people say I should redraw the rectangle everytime mouse over or out the rectangle to change its border. Like this: But then I ask myself why don't create another rectangle on top of the first rectangle, set it the color we want, make it invisibe and only show it when hover. By doing this we don't have to redraw the original rectangle everytime mouse hover. This is good for optimization, I think. Does anyone can explain me this is good or bad? Thank you for your answer.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm new with PIXI, I'm wondering how to use PIXI to draw a line like this (in the picture). For example, the start point is (100, 100), end point is (700, 700). I see this in a site and I know they use quadraticCurve, but I can't decode that part they draw the line. (I think this can also be done with bezierCurveTo) Does anyone know this can help me? Thank you for your answer