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  1. Hi I am trying to do this like the below. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#FJNR5#269 can you please help me to get elevation data calculated correctly without using noise library ? Thanks
  2. Hi Calsa, Thanks for the help. I have tried all these above but didn't get anything. Actually i am not able to calculate x,y and z coordinates. my elevation point is coming in meters(unit). from the geotiff file i get the rasterData with the size of width * height. now i am confused how to project it with x and y so that i can get the correct elevation on texture image.
  3. Thanks wingnut, actually I don’t want to create it with the heightmap image. I want to create it with xyz geographic coordinates. Now I am confused about to create x and z value corresponding to the elevation values that are in meters. The elevation points I am getting from the Geotiff file. I am reading that Geotiff file with Geotiff.js library.
  4. Hi, i need to create a 3D image with the elevation data provided by google in meters unit. I don’t want to use heightmap image. I need to create it with the xyz coordinates. The elevation value coming from the dem api are in meters. I don’t know how to calculate the x and z corresponding to this elevation value in meters.Please help me with some examples.