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  1. Yeah, you can play the game with the other 7 auto-match opponents.
  2. Hi, Sword King is a cool game that you can publish on your site. Currently, the game is only available on the mobile browser. Game URL: Game Image: Game Description: Sword King is an addicting multiplayer game that you can play free online. Choose your favorite swords before you enter into the battlefield: Dragonslayer, Saber, BloodSword, Forks, Knives, even Plungers. Control your character and slide your finger to move around. Use your swords to destroy your opponents, and collect the swords to get stronger at the same time. Your goal is to defeat other players from the world and try to become the best sword warrior in the field. Try to get more points to unlock new characters. Have fun!
  3. I love adventure games and skill games, I often play these games when I need to have a break from work. Now my favorite one is, it gives me so many fun and relaxation .
  4. Cathy

    It's pretty fun game😁