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  1. Actualy you were right about `.dds`. After exporting I converted dds files to jpg and replaced auto generated jpegs by converted one. Is there any way to tell blender/babylon exporter to stop auto-generating pictures? Because it takes way too long (10+ mins). EDIT: I also changed `.dds` texture to `.jpg` texture in node editor, but it didn't help. Is there possibility to only copy texture file and stop creating new one?
  2. I'm having problem with using imported `.obj` into blender and then exported to babylonJS. I've downloaded `.obj` model containing `.dds` textures. Imported to babylonJS which looked fine. Import automatically assigned these textures to model. Blender view Then after export to babylonJS these textures went dark. BabylonJS view I noticed that while exporting to babylonJS exporter already processed textures as dark. Image bellow is auto-generated in export Exported image What did I wrong and how can I fix it? * blender v2.79 * babylonJS export v5.6.4 * babylonJS availible at * blender file availible at [1]: [2]: [3]: