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  1. @Milton, that's insane for sure, but I have already made a lot, I just cannot switch to another game engine.
  2. So, I came up with a solution that works(so far). I just made a setInterval with callback(collider.update()) with 3ms(perhaps I can set more seconds) delay. But there is still a performance problem. There is my loop and phaser loop, so I invoke update more, than enough.
  3. @Milton, is that the only solution available? I mean I got no choice, but it feels kind of awkward changing phaser native code. And it just accelerates the game. Player still sometimes falls through the ground.
  4. Hi. When game object reaches high speed on y axis it might fall through a ground layer(that supposed to be collided with). Can I fix it somehow? Perhaps increase frequency of collision checking(Is it possible in Phaser?).
  5. Hi! I just want audio to keep playing even after losing a focus on the screen(switching tabs, developer tools, etc.). Saw an example on labs.phaser, but haven't figured it out. Any ideas?
  6. @samme, nope, that was it. Back then i just forgot to add overlap for batteries.
  7. Hi! I've spent a lot of time thinking of game entities. So, the mostly recommended option is object layers from tilemap. Here comes the question: am I possible to make an object, that consists 4 tiles and its treated as one? At the moment, I just create object, that take's 1 tile out of 4 necessary ones. In the end i got an object, that 4 times smaller than it is supposed to be. Any ideas, advices? Saw a couple of videos about object layers, still did not find anything useful for me. Please help! UPD: also enemies are not supposed to be static(they will be moving from one side to another)
  8. Spent 4 hours searching for a solution and in a complete desperation decided to create a topic to ask for help. And then, in 5 minutes I just solved it. map.setTileIndexCallback(7, playerAbsorbsBattery, this); Thought i checked this one, but apparently I had not. Guess this topic might be deleted.
  9. Well, i figured out how the second one works out(that was obvious though). I just set an overlap with a layer, that apparently fits in all map.
  10. Hi! I have a dynamic layer consisting of coins, that player is supposed to collect throughout the whole game. My goal is just remove tile on overlap with a player. I tried a couple of solutions I found. These are: const groundTileset = map.addTilesetImage("tile1", "ground_objects"); const batteries = map.createDynamicLayer("battery", groundTileset, 0, 0); // the first solution i tried batteries.setTileIndexCallback(7, playerAbsorbsBattery, this); // and the second one this.physics.add.overlap(player, batteries, playerAbsorbsBattery, null, this); Using a second one causes collision with everything i have on map, so its always invoked until i remove all tiles(so I need to somehow specify (objects || tiles || sprites), thats it collides with?) And i tried similar solution on labs.phaser - didn't help.
  11. I wouldn't care about this issue, if game's framerate was bigger, than 30. However, sometimes, it drops right up to 15.
  12. Perhaps, it might have changed something, but I didn't notice(the difference is varying between 0-5 fps). And map is about to be expanded even more, than it's now. During this holidays I've come up with an idea of creating single image of ground blocks, rather than making a single block of tilemap separately. Though it seems to look ugly af at the end(what I am afraid of).
  13. I have already made a lot of stuff in my game(supermario-like), so now the only thing, that bothers me is performance, that im struggling with. When the game is just started, players movements are very slow and I don't have a clue why. Perhaps, it might be the size of map(or game bounds, that I widely expanded) - 2400x16000. I've read article about chunking map into small pieces to decrease CPU usage, but haven't tried it yet(should I? guess I will try it anyway, but still would like to listen to some good advices). Oh, almost forgot this case. It lags about 10-15 seconds every time I open page in the browser - switching to any other application(page in browser, application on PC, etc.) causes this effect.
  14. That's how it works! Now it makes much more sense for me, than before. Thank you!