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  1. Hi, Thanks. I agree. I have my video using an HTML5 video tag with the visibility hidden. Then I am able to use it in Babylon.js <div width='0px' height='0px' style='visibility:hidden' id="viewport"> <video id="videoHidden" autoplay="autoplay" poster="asset/poster.jpg" /> </div> var myVideoTexture; var videoHidden = document.getElementById("videoHidden"); videoHidden.srcObject = myStream; myVideoTexture = new BABYLON.VideoTexture("myVideoTexture", videoHidden, scene, true, false); myMesh.material.diffuseTex
  2. Hello First, thanks for the great job for Babylon.js. Powerfull engine, very well documented, with many examples... Playground, is also a very great environement. I have exported .babylon file using 3ds max, all is ok. On the sandbox (https://sandbox.babylonjs.com/), I can load my file. It's ok. Now I would like to use Playground with my file. I try to load local file from my computer, but I understand that it cannot. Then I upload my file on a web server, and I use this url (http), and I have an error, because it's not https. So I setup my web server to use https, a
  3. Hello I would like to know if it's possible to make a texturing mapping of a video stream in rmtps ? I saw some example to use mp4 file, or webcam, but not to use an online stream using rmtps. Thanks for advance Sybaris
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