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  1. Hello! I'm currently kicking off a webGL project. The game is *largely* 2d, in fact could probably be done in entirely in 2d. Not too get too mired in the details, but the game is mostly a fast paced card game, and it's going to require clean and readable text. Plan is to have it work on mobile and web browsers. You're probably wondering why I'm considering a largely 3d world like Babylon. The thing is I've been a Unity developer for last last 8 years, and I've gotten comfortable making 2d games which occasionally take advantage of 3d (to use a card game example, a card might be a 3d object that flips into place -- you know, the kind of thing you see in Hearthstone or Artifact or whatever). You probably know why I'm not using Unity, but just in case, it's because their webgl export is slow on desktops and broken on mobile. So far in my early testing though I'm a little worried about how hard this is going to be in Babylon.js... Orthographic camera seems a little lightly supported, and text via DynamicTexture seems like it might be hard to get nice clean text with? That's just first impressions, so I may be wrong. Any good babylon playground example of 2d or pseudo-2d games with integrated text? Should I be looking at Phaser instead? Thanks in advance for any advice!