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  1. Hello, i would like to animate a text like "fly in". But the Problem is the Resolution of the animated Container(with Text). I also tried it with Font-Size direct, but this snipped is also really weak, because of the smoothness Resolution (Text antialiasing): text = new PIXI.Text('Flying Text', style); requestAnimationFrame(animate); function animate() { renderer.render(stage); count += 0.4; text.style.fontSize = count; requestAnimationFrame(animate); } I also would lilke to have a expo.ease to simulate a "Fly in" I tried this with GSAP, but its not possible to animate the Fontsize with the PixiJs Plugin. 😕 Any Ideas? tl.to(text, 2, {pixi:{fontSize:525},ease:Expo.easeIn});
  2. Looking for a Freelancer for PixiJs , simple Slideshows based on Json Datas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkizzothIDk Please contact me via PM + Further Projects
  3. Hello, iam trying to add an texture in a Container. Now, i exept this container has inherit the texture Height. If i scale the Container Height it will be scale it with the Height of the full stage height. See Video Composite Shot 1.mp4