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  1. Hi coders, I have a JSON data coming through some API. This data is List of objects. For example... [{ "rackid": "rack_1", "components": { "cpu_nodes": [ { "name": "cn1", "state": "idle", "power_status": "Up" }, { "name": "cn2", "state": "idle", "power_status": "Up" }, { "name": "cn3", "state": "idle", "power_status": "Up" }, { "name": "cn4", "state": "idle", "power_status": "Up" } ],
  2. My Babylon.js scene was working finely yesterday...but today it showing me following errors. I definitely tell that this error is due to babylon.gui.js file. I have imported the scripts in following manner. and I used it to create gui as: var advancedTexture = BABYLON.GUI.AdvancedDynamicTexture.CreateFullscreenUI("UI"); Please help me with this..how can I resolve the error and get my scene working smoothly..?? Thanks if you can help me..!
  3. @aWeirdo This was very helpful..Yes I have .babylon file via Blender. Which tool you use to create models?,πŸ€” Thanks!
  4. I am appending a div and a ul inside a div with class middlepane but while doing so the classes target and connected are not applied to ul, my code is $( "<div class='inmiddle'>"+ type + "<ul class='target connected'></ul></div>").appendTo(".middlepane") ; i also tried this $( "<div class='inmiddle'>"+ type + "<ul class='target connected'></ul></div>").appendTo(".middlepane") ; $(".middlepane").find("ul").addclass("target connected"); but this also didn't work i also tried $( "<div class='inmiddle'>"+ ty
  5. @aWeirdo thanks for optimized code..!😊 But please see the above post and provide me the solution if you can.. Thank you! And yours Battleplanes.io is it developed in Babylon.js or what??? Really nice workπŸ‘
  6. @Wingnut You have suggested me in very right way.πŸ‘ Thaks for that!😊 I have already tried this, but with the Babylon Meshes. The problem is I have loaded my mesh from blender so How can I edit blender model and add ActionManager to the meshes in that model? You can take a look at my 3D model below...and help with this. rack_cluster.blend
  7. I have created an 3D model of a HPC cluster rack using Blender and I have successfully loaded that moel in Babylon.js with animations. All is working fine. But I want to have a mouse hover effect on my model which will pop out the text/label of particular mesh. How I can achieve it, please give me some idea..!!
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