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  1. So I pretty much implemented all your feedback. The tutorial has alot of input help now. My wife managed to finish the new tutorial so probably 11 year olds can too 😆.
  2. Thank alot for your time. I agree that the tutorial should be more helpful towards input and controls. I dont want to scare visitors away with a signup / member area. But the campaign can get complicated (inventory, building designs, decisions, tech tree). I want to keep track of campaign progress serverside. I will definately keep the tutorial and skirmish without user signup.
  3. Yea i butched that one up. Agree thats its kind of important button. Should work now :). recommend the tutorial to get impression
  4. Powerdefense A towerdefense game. Towers require energy. Towers can be upgraded by adding components. Url: https://www.powerdefense.com Screenshot: Lemme know what you guys think