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  1. Thanks Deltakosh One thing I noticed - When I load the .babylon file into the scene the colors are flat and don't look very nice. When I load the .glb file of the same model (that I exported using the Babylon GTLF2Export function) the model has some really nice lighting around it. Is this because the .glb file was exported with better lighting? Is it possible to get this on the .babylon file too? (i've tried for a couple of hours with no luck) Appreciate your time!
  2. Hi I'm new to Babylon and would love to be able to replicate the look (lighting/background) of a model when I load it into the Sandbox here: This is my attempt: The model is here if so you can try it in the Sandbox: I've tried adding the env file used in the Sandbox, but it seems to be a city street or something. I saw an old post in here about doing this, but I couldn't follow what they did :/ I'd love to see how it is done in the Playground: Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jon