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  1. MerryArcade


    This game is similar to the classic arcade game Gauntlet. You play as a foreigner in Thailand, and you shoot money at opponents to pay them off on your way to the goal. It is meant to be in good humor. Plays in mobile or desktop/PC. Easiest to play with a mouse, but can also play with keyboard arrow keys and space to shoot. Made using my own graphics engine. Any suggestions or comments welcome.
  2. MerryArcade


    Its like the classic arcade game Centipede, but instead coyotes are coming to attack sheep. Plays in mobile or on desktop/PC. Made using my own graphics engine. Any suggestions or comments welcome.
  3. Looks great, like a classic arcade game. You could add an animation when the player dies, or at least play a sound. Right now the restart is a bit too quick.
  4. Runs very smooth on my laptop computer (i5-7200U 2.5 GHz). Could use some more decorative items so the environments don't look so empty. Good luck!
  5. Curious to see what game engine/framework you use to create your games. I started out using pixi.js, then tried a few more, but in the end it took me too much time to work around the limitations of these engines to be worthwhile. I wanted a very simple/limited and highly optimized engine, so in the end I created my own.
  6. A Pac-Man style game made in WebGL/JS. Design goal was to have it scale and play well on both a computer and tablet/phone. All suggestions and comments are welcome. Regards, Bjorn, MerryArcade.